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“In Front of every Victory, is a Strategy”

More than just words, they are the very foundation of Victory Branding and Marketing.It all began with a dream to produce the very highest quality and most innovative graphics for the apparel industry. Founder and Creative Director Victor Orellana began his professional career by designing cutting edge graphics for many well known clients. He quickly built up a great reputation not only for his amazing artistic abilities but also his never ending passion  for his customer’s success.


Founded in Corona, California in 2012 along with his talented and committed staff, Victory Branding is an extension of Victor’s passion and experience. No longer limited to just apparel and products but rather to a full comprehensive branding and marketing experience that will allow your company or organization to reach its full potential.


With a belief that brands nationwide would recognize the value of quality design, innovative promotional products, engaging media, and effective marketing strategies, Victor Orellana opened the doors of Victory Branding and Marketing in late 2012. Combining his 27 years of experience with his staff’s additional 50 plus years was an instant recipe for success.


Our Promise: To deliver professional, consistent branding services and products that will assist our clients to stand out from the competition and reach success in a highly competitive marketplace.

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